The Start Up

Religious women no longer have to choose between modesty, comfort and fashion, thanks to a talented new Israeli designer.

Daniella hit the ground running following its incredible launch last winter. Now, two collections in, and new mini collections every few weeks, and A/W in the works, the feedback from clients has been exemplary.

Daniella originally set out to design and manufacture a flattering, fashionable clothing line for modestly dressed women. As a mother herself, she was well aware of the challenges of a post-baby figure, combined with the want to stay on trend and dress modestly – such as a lack of confidence, not to mention plenty of frustration-filled shopping trips.

Meanwhile, her sister was struggling to find modest age-appropriate clothing for her pre-teen and teenage daughters and kept asking Daniella to modify dresses and skirts for them. In doing so, Daniella found that it was indeed easier to design and make the clothing from scratch. Word spread like wildfire and soon she found herself with long order lists for the bespoke dresses and skirts she had made for her nieces. There was clearly a large demand for modest, fashionable clothing, for teens.

And thus, Daniella Fashion was born: A fresh, new Israel-based independently run fashion brand, with lines for tweens, teens and young women.

Launched on a cold January night in Jerusalem, the showcased range filled the packed-out hall with palpable excitement. Affordably priced, locally sourced fabric and production with every design drawn and prototype made by the designer herself, it's no surprise the ranges have been so well received.

Following the launch Daniella has had pop up sales all over the country and overseas, and the client base is continually growing.

Filling a much needed gap in the market, the target audience are delighted to have found trendy, stylish yet modest dresses.

Daniella’s teen range is from age 8-18 (where 18 is the women’s european 42).

Daniella’s women’s range is xs-xl.

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