Packing light (...yeah right! No, really!!!!)

Packing for a vacation can be a real drag! Vacations are meant to be time away to relax and switch off, or have fun, or do whatever you fancy. So let's try to help minimise the stress of narrowing down the million outfits you want to squeeze into your suitcase.
However long you are going away for, you don't need THAT many pairs of shoes.... Thats the mistake I make over and over again!! I always try to reduce the number of pairs of shoes I take, not only because they take up valuable space in my luggage, but also because, honestly, I usually end up wearing the same 2 pairs.... So when it comes to the shoe department, I'd advise a pair of flip flops and a nice pair of strappy sandals for going out at night. The more neutral they are, the easier it will be to match them to your outfits. If you're doing hiking/touring (or also to the gym), wear a pair of sneakers for traveling to save the space in your luggage. 
I try to recycle items so I can mix and match them to create different looks. A skirt that works with a few different tops and a top that works with multiple bottoms are key to packing light.
You can go for only solid colours and match a plain coloured pencil with different coloured tops. For instance; a black skirt with white shirt, blue top and orange T-shirt.
You could also team up patterned skirts with different solid coloured tops or solid coloured bottoms with patterned tops.
An easy-to-wear dress can be accessorised differently to create a couple of looks.
I also like to bring a pashmina that I can keep with me in case the evenings are cooler and save having to bring cardigans.
Don't forget sun hats, baseball caps, headscarves or whatever to protect your head from the sun. These are fun ways to accessorise too- a hat or scarf can totally change the overall look!
So wherever you are headed, minimise the amount you are taking and see this as an opportunity to get creative with combinations you haven't tried before! Plus, packing super light will leave more room for the new clothes you're gonna buy ('cos let's be honest- isn't that the best part of going away?!!) .
Have fun, stay safe and keep smiling.
(Pictured are 4 skirts with 4 tops to make 8 combinations. Could easily have shown anther 4 looks, at least, but you get the idea!!!) 

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