Farewell Summer... How d'you do, Autumn?

Jerusalem had its first rain today. Although most places have said goodbye to Summer and embraced the Autumn, we are only just beginning to.  So this is it a little guide on how to transition from Summer to Autumn.

If you're not quite ready to let go of Summer and wanna hang on to your strappy sandals or fave summer dress, fear not!  

1) Team your sandals up with skinny jeans or cropped trousers to keep u warm when the weather cools. Or wear longer skirts! 

If u don't wanna go for longer lengths, leggings (footless tights) are a great solution, while still looking good with sandals.
2) A light cardigan or cute Blazer is a great layer for bringing a summer dress into autumn, when the weather is changing.

3) Just switch your sandals for ankle boots to update your look for the season.  Little booties really go with any kind of look- be it a pencil skirt and top, a dress... anything. And what's nice is that because they're not a 'full on' winter boot- you can go bare-leg and keep cool.

4) A pashmina should be your best friend during this transition period! Choose a colour that suits you best and keep in your bag for whenever it gets a bit chilly! There are so many interesting ways you can wear them, but even just as a simple scarf, a pashmina is the perfect addition to take you through.

5) Layering! A huge trend right now (so great for those who dress modestly) is tops under dresses/t-shirts. So no need to put away your favourite summer looks, just add a top underneath to keep you warm!
If you're not so into that 'top under dress' look, no problem! Adding any light top, be it a stretchy cardi or light leather jacket, or even a button-down shirt- you can warm up without having to get your big winter knits out yet.

What I love about the autumn is all the colours of the leaves, the changing skies, the smell of the rain.... It's nice to bring some of those colours into your wardrobe too during this season.
Have a look at the image showing autumn colour trends along the top and a few of the dresses from Daniella AW1617, corresponding with the colour trends.

The best thing though about Autumn is that you can really go for any look and switch things up throughout the season, even throughout the day, to cater to your mood and the weather!

So get creative and enjoy!

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