Dressing modestly in the heat

Summer is here and that means temperatures are rising. You're getting hot and sweaty and not for the right reasons 😃!!
The secret to keeping cool, modest, while still looking hot, is all about dressing light. 
How can we dress light while still staying covered up I hear you ask? 

Well the answer is to find a few simple staples which you can vamp up using accessories as opposed to layering up.

Loose clothing keeps you way cooler than anything formfitting so go for something that doesn't hug you too tight!!

Go for a loose t-shirt in a light and breathable fabric together with a cute pencil skirt. (Lighter, more breathable fabrics will be your best friend in the heat, no matter what fit you choose).
 A knee-length shift dress is easy and understated and, most importantly, helps you keep your cool!
 Or wear a slightly more fitted t-shirt together with a knee-length or midi skater skirt.
 A light maxi dress is perfect for hot summer days, as well as maxi skirts paired with a light t-shirt.
 Our waterfall sleeved tops teamed with a cute pencil skirt are the perfect solution to keeping cool while still looking like you're dressed to the nines!! 
All these looks can be upgraded with a statement necklace, bracelets or cuffs, bright dangly earrings, a cute sun hat,  strappy sandals or bright colored wedges. 
 Whatever you do don't wear all these accessories together!!! Let's try and stick to 2 bold accessories- max!

 So whatever you choose to wear make sure you wear it with a smile!

 Till next time


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